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Four Facebook Video Marketing Hacks You Need To Know Now

As Facebook constantly updates, so must your digital marketing plan and your strategy towards using the platform.

Facebook and social media as a whole is still an incredibly cost effective tool in generating leads or sales for your business if wielded in the correct way. We know now that the majority of content that is consumed on Facebook is mobile led and as a result, your social media marketing strategy must follow.

We’ve pulled our four essential Facebook tips to help you upgrade your video marketing strategy without having to outsource to an expert.

1.Think mobile first, always!
We know that the majority of digital content is now consumed on mobile devices, so it is of the utmost importance to make sure that the way you deliver your content is optimised for the user experience on mobile.Some things to remember are the way your text and images are delivered on mobile, and particularly video.

2. It’s all about the experience
According to Digiday 85% of video is watched without sound. This is why captioning is so important to ensure that your message is delivered with or without sound. Every second counts when it comes to video.

The first 3-5 seconds are absolutely key! Make sure that when you are utilising video that you upload it natively to Facebook for maximum reach and engagement.

3. What’s your CTA?
Asking people to like, comment and share outright is not the most effective way of generating engagement, shares and leads. Think about how you can encourage loyalty and word of mouth in an organic and authentic way. Think about how your Call To Action (CTA) ties into the story you are telling. It should be consistent with your messaging on a wider level and speak to the hearts and minds of your consumers.

Think about how your Call To Action (CTA) ties into the story you are telling. It should be consistent with your messaging on a wider level and speak to the hearts and minds of your consumers.

Straight up sales posts are dead. Instead, think about how you can tell a story with your post and encourage an emotional connection to what you are doing. The New York Times Customer Insight Group found five major reasons why people share content with their networks:

84% share to support a cause.

78% share to stay connected with those they know.

69% share to feel involved in the world.

68% share to define themselves.

49% share for entertainment or to provide valuable content to others.

4. Think about the copy
Keep your text short and concise. Unless you have something that absolutely MUST be communicated in long form, keep it short and sweet and to the point. Remember, attention span on social media and particularly Facebook is a matter of seconds before you lose engagement.

It’s also important to keep in mind not to use caps or too many question marks. Of course, make sure you are in keeping with the tone of voice of your audience.

Every word counts. Do you have a tone of voice and a personality for your page or brand clearly defined? Consistency is key when it comes to this, your audience will start to identify with you much more deeply when you communicate who you are and what you are about.

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