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Wisdom Unseen

Wisdom is largely undetected by the mob. Wisdom is below the surface, the crowd doesn’t see it. The subtlety and substance are often left invisible. The mob sees the noise and the bravado. The mob sees the quick wins and the celebrations. The mob doesn’t see the undercurrent, the disciplines, the good judgement, the true belief, the patient perseverance.

The milestones often celebrated are the surface level manifestation of what goes on in the undercurrent when no one’s watching, when few are listening. Develop a slow depth of knowledge, a reliable character, a precise subtlety, and an elegant nuance. And watch as the mob cheers you for everything but this.

About Jack Delosa

Jack Delosa is an entrepreneur and investor who is changing education. He is the founder and CEO of Australia’s largest education institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage. He is also an investor in growth companies such as Q-Biotics and eMerchants (ASX:EML), and founded The Entourage Growth Fund, which invests in upstart businesses. He is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, having been listed in the BRW Young Rich List since 2014.

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