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3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Looking for Investors | #AskJackD 187

There are thousands of investors around Australia, actively looking for early stage deals on a daily basis. While this capital is critical to the growth of most businesses, raising money from investors is still one of the most misunderstood skill-sets by entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, to raise capital you need to remember that there are three core questions on every investor’s mind: How might I lose my money? When will I get my money back? And how much money might I make?

In this episode of #AskJackD, I outline the key principles you need to adhere to in order to raise the capital you need and the mistakes entrepreneurs make when reaching out to investors.

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About Jack Delosa

Jack Delosa is an entrepreneur and investor who is changing education. He is the founder and CEO of Australia’s largest education institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage. He is also an investor in growth companies such as Q-Biotics and eMerchants (ASX:EML), and founded The Entourage Growth Fund, which invests in upstart businesses. He is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, having been listed in the BRW Young Rich List since 2014.

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